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"I haven't been everywhere,

but it's on my list"

- Susan Sontag




To provide our clients with a wonderful escape from the everyday with detailed and personalized trip planning services which results in a seamless out-of-this-world travel experience.



Travel, whether for work or pleasure, should be as hassle-free as possible!  Helping clients leave their everyday cares behind and experience all there is to see in the world, The Everyday Escape was created to help make vacation planning seamless and fun!  No one wants to spend hours searching the internet for thousands of deals - you just want to get out there and see the world!  But, when it comes to planning, it's not always easy or fun.  With that in mind, Heather Slagle decided to create and open The Everyday Escape in October of 2012.  Her love of all things travel started at an early age when she used to watch the airplane contrails fly over her house. She would gaze up and wonder, where were they going?  Who are they?  Were they going to foreign lands, or exotic island hide-aways, or were they traveling to visit family across the country?  The excitement of seeing new places and the mystery of how to to get there stayed with her all the way through college where she graduated with a Bachelors degree in Aviation Business Management from The Ohio State University.  She even obtained her private pilot's license during her time in college.  She continued her stint in travel and worked for luxury and corporate aviation companies such as Netjets and Avantair and gained valuable insight into the private aviation sector of the travel industry.  Her desire to see the world and share that excitement with others along with her strength and knowledge of the industry will ensure that your vacation is an amazing unforgettable experience.  


A family-owned business, The Everyday Escape has visited over 27 countries spanning over 5 of the 7 continents of the world!  And we assure you, if we haven't been there yet, it's on our list. Our goal is to ensure that you come back wanting more, travel!








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