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Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Travel

Beach Wedding Canopy

At The Everyday Escape, we provide travel assistance for your Destination Wedding and/or Honeymoon.  Whether it is a small ceremony on a beach for the two of you, or an exotic honeymoon to a faraway place, we can help get you there!

What we do:

* Provide comprehensive travel arrangements for the bride and groom and all of their guests so you don't have to worry!

* We use our knowledge and expertise to pair you with the perfect destination.

* We provide recommendations of destinations and resort brands we know and trust, and we won't recommend those that we don't!

* We place you in contact with the Wedding Coordinator/Concierge department and allow them to work with you on curating the perfect day.

* We will assist all guests with ensuring they have proper passport documentation prior to travel.

* We provide recommendation vaccinations or precautions for each destination based upon the recommendations of the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

* We form partnerships with the resorts/destinations we sell to ensure that your wedding and/or honeymoon is memorable in a good way!

* We always quote travel protection and highly recommend this product regardless of circumstances. 

* We charge a cancellation fee should you or your guests need to cancel this special day/travel to compensate for the amount of time and dedication that went in to providing your travel arrangements.  Please see our contract and cancellation details on the form below.

What we don't do:

* We do not coordinate the wedding for you - we are not professional wedding coordinators - our specialty is travel!  Instead, we place you in the hands of the highly skilled wedding coordinators at the destination and allow them to curate the perfect day for you!

* We are not liable for the resort's wedding planning department.

* We generally do not accompany our groups unless requested and/or certain criteria are met. 

(If you are interested in having one of our agents service your destination wedding onsite, be sure to let us know!)

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