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Travel Essentials and Why You Need Them

Planning, researching and calling your favorite travel advisor are all part of the travel-planning process. But, did you know that what you pack for your upcoming travels can make or break your trip? How is your luggage holding up? Is it full of rips or tears or is the strap broken? What about comfort items such as a travel pillow, ANR earbuds to drown out surrounding noise, or even a water bottle to save you $$ at the airport? When we pack, we often focus on the destination we're going to, but rarely do we consider the comforts we may want or need to get there.

Some years ago, on one of my first international trips, I made the mistake of taking a duffle bag as a carry-on. Now for many, this would be a suitable option, but for someone like me that doesn't like to feel 'weighed-down' or burdened by even my purse, I had made the wrong choice for my carry-on luggage. It was after traveling with my husband many times and seeing him walk around effortlessly with a backpack that I started to reconsider my strategy. Backpacks?! I hadn't used one since college, so I never considered that to be an actual travel-related luggage piece! But, once I changed over to a backpack -- in fact as we walked the streets of Venice and got me a small one at a vendor kiosk -- was I able to enjoy having my hands and arms free! Once I returned home from Italy, I knew that I needed to invest in a decent one and that was the end of that!

Having the wrong luggage for example, can cause you stress and strain along your travels exhausting you before you get there. But also not having the items that make traveling more comfortable can as well. Below, I've listed some of my favorite travel-related items and why they will benefit you along your journey. Want some of these for you? Simply click on the item or link and grab a few of these for yourself. Want to shop our travel store? Click the link here! *Affiliate links are attached to these products. They are at no additional cost to you, but I may be paid a small commission if you decide to purchase.

My number one favorite travel product is... you guessed it! My new backpack. This is my go-to travel

backpack for air, land, and sea travel as I can easily tuck away a few items for my voyage safely and carry them easily. It's lightweight yet holds so much. I've packed my work gear (computer, iPad, cell phone, various cords, notebooks, etc) as well as a change of clothes (perfect for international travel), snacks and a few other travel essentials all in this backpack! I chose the gray option, but it comes in a wide variety of colors. It has many hidden pockets on the front and the back allowing you to safely store important documents, keys, your wallet, and much more! And, it even has a USB cord inside for quick and easy charging of your devices. Click the photo to check it out!

Another product I can't live without is my lightweight luggage! I always end up bringing back souvenirs, wine, rum and a variety of other items from my adventures and I need a luggage set that is lightweight to start with, but can withstand the brutal beating from the airlines. With my 29" bag weighing less than 9# empty, I have plenty of space and weight to carry things to and from wherever I'm going. Looking for a luggage set that stands out? Don't order black! Did you know that black luggage is the #1 most-chosen color? We've gone with purple, and while we still see some of those, we can usually spot ours quicker than the thousands of black pieces that travel through the airports every day.

The last product I'll share with you today is pure genius. I can't tell you how many times I've been in an airport, and knowing we weren't likely to have a beverage service on the flight, I would run over to an airport kiosk or store and spend $3-5 on a bottle of water! I quickly learned that this is not only wasteful (unless you drink it all, you can't take it with you through security in another country), but also very expensive. I now carry an empty travel bottle that I can fill up with water at an airport fountain (did you know that many airports are now offering filtered water fountains!?) and be on my way without spending $.01! Plus, if

you're traveling internationally, this Brita option below is a filtered water bottle. They come in a variety of colors, so don't think the silver option is the only one! I recommend grabbing one of these and as long as it's empty, TSA (US ONLY) and international security won't give you a problem! Just be sure to fill it up once you're through security and empty it out before you go through Customs and you're set! This bottle is also great if you're on the road and you want to save at those pricey convenience store gas stations too! You really can't go wrong with this bottle that will pay for itself again and again!

Looking for more travel-related products for your next trip? Check out our travel shop here:

What is your favorite travel product? Leave your comment below and share with your friends! I'd love to know what favorite products help you travel with ease!

- The Everyday Escape, LLC

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